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Just like the music we love so much, your vacation in the Stura Valley can have different rhythms: “adagio” if you just want to relax, “andante” if you want to discover the region on foot, “vivace” if you decide to dedicate yourself to high-adrenaline activities! A symphony of unique emotions that you can only experience here.

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When someone says “mountain”, skiing immediately comes to mind and actually, thanks to the many slopes here there are many opportunities for snow lovers to ski, but it is not the only activity that you can do in the Stura Valley, on the contrary! The river Stura di Demonte winds through the valley and is perfect for kayaking, rafting or canoeing. Several riding schools also allow you to discover the wonders of the region on horseback, and there are itineraries for all levels. When it snows, you can try the thrill of snow kiting, a new winter sport that uses traction kites to be towed over the snow and perform acrobatics. If, on the other hand, you wish to remain firmly anchored to the ground, you can explore the over 100 km of cross-country skiing trails that go through enchanted landscapes framed by fir, beech and chestnut trees, or you can snowshoe on the many paths that cross the valley. In summer, those who love hiking and cycling have many itineraries to choose from, one more beautiful than the other.

Past, present and future


A border region, rooted in Occitan culture and farming, the Stura Valley has many stories to tell and these are often intertwined with History, the one with a capital H, because here many partisan heroes gave their lives so that the Second World War was not won by the enemies, while in more ancient times smugglers climbed the mountains to traffic forbidden treasures. Often the last outpost of civilization, in the Stura Valley there are several fortifications (Forte Albertino is certainly the most famous) as well as many places of worship, such as the Sanctuary of Sant’Anna. Today, this past is chronicled in various museums, including open-air ones. Art, on the other hand, is the symbol for present times, as you can find several galleries, and you can often come across site-specific art installations by contemporary artists.

Yummy food to try


The variety of habitats in the Stura Valley translates into a wide range of tasty food like the crousét, a type of pasta with a unique concave shape, or the raviola valouriana, made with wheat and buckwheat flour filled with potato cake and spices. In addition to the excellent meats and cheeses from the alpine pastures, here you can also eat river trout and, for the most courageous, there are also snails, a real traditional ingredient. To end your meal, you cannot miss the “torta fina”, a cake made with hazelnuts, typical of the village of Vignolo, together with the genepy liqueur, a typical alpine plant used to make digestives and distillates. The microclimate of Stura Valley also allows the cultivation of saffron and lavender, which are used for soaps and perfumes.



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